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Escrow File Checklist

Here is a checklist of items that will need to be in your escrow file before the closing of your real estate transaction. 

  • Provide a copy of the fully executed contract

    • Are there any addendums?​

  • Provide complete agent and broker information including address and licensing information

  • Contact information for buyers and sellers

  • Address of the property

  • Purchase price

  • Loan amount (always communicate any changes in the loan amount)

  • Close of escrow (always communicate any changes in the close of escrow date)

  • Confirm buyers name and marital status, and or entity that is taking title

    • How will the buyer take title to the property​

  • Confirm that the buyer and seller have proper ID and names on the contract match the names on the ID

  • Commission demand statements from listing and selling brokers

  • Who is paying the (county/city) transfer tax?

  • Who is paying for the NHD report? Submit a copy of the invoice

  • Who is paying for the home warranty? Submit a copy of the invoice

  • Are there any seller credits (closing costs/repairs)?

    • Provide a list items paid outside of closing (appraisal, inspections​, credit reports)

  • Will there be a rent back?

  • Provide terms of the rent back to escrow

  • Provide the contact information for the buyers fire/hazard insurance

  • Provide other terms depending on the location:

    • Sewer lateral, gas shut off, forms required by the city/county, ​repairs, inspections, etc.

  • Is there an HOA? If so, who will. provide document and transfer fees? Special HOA assessments fees?

  • Does this home qualify as the seller's primary residence?

  • Will the buyer or seller need a mobile notary service?

  • Solar panel system? Inform escrow officer if it's leased or owned

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