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City Transfer Tax List

The County Transfer Tax is $1.10 per $1,000 (rounded to the nearest $500) statewide in all counties except San Francisco. The County Transfer Tax is based on the sales price.

A number of cities have imposed additional city transfer taxes. Shown below is a quick reference list of the cities which impose transfer taxes and the various rates. However, in view of numerous pending local legislative tax bills, do not rely upon this information without first confirming the current rate with the applicable city.

Culver City’s tax calculation formula:


$1,499,999 or less

From $1,500,000 to $2,999,999

From $3,000,000 to $9,999,999

$10,000,000 and over

Therefore, a transaction with a purchase price of $2,300,000 would be calculated as follows:


$6,750 + $12,000 (which is $2,300,000 - $1,500,000 = $800,000 x 1.5%) = $18,750

Tax Calculation 

0.45% x value

$6,750 + 1.5% x (value - $1,500,000)

$29,249.99 + 3% x (value - $3,000,000)

$239,249.96 + 4% x (value - $10,000,000)

The following image is a sample format that should be used for the tax declaration.

How to Calculate Documentary Transfer Tax​

For example, on a property valued at $21,100, the amount of the County's Documentary Tax would be calculated by rounding up the amount to $21,500, dividing $21,500 by $500, and multiplying that number by $0.55 for a total of $23.65.

However, if the property in this example were located within the City of Los Angeles, an additional $4.50 per $1,000 valuation will be assessed and collected at the time of recording for a total of $96.75. County and City transfer tax must be listed separately.


The following is the format that should be used for the tax declaration:

If you determine there is no Documentary Transfer Tax required, a statement must appear on the face of all documents that are exempt from the tax.

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