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Presale Inspection City Reports in CA 

* See below for additional information 

Azusa - 626-812-5235


All properties, including vacant land, but not on first sale. Buyer to acknowledge report, six month time limit. Prices subject to change each summer.

Bell  - 310-285-1141


Inspection required. Seller signs form must get signature notarized if not submitting the application in person.

Belvedere (Marin County)  - 415-435-3838


Inspector goes out to the property. Report cannot be waived. Good for 60 days. Buyer acknowledges report.

Beverly Hills - 310-285-1141

No Cost

Buyer and Seller sign form. No inspection. Only deals with smoke detector and water conservation.

Burbank - 818-238-3700

No Cost

Water Conservation only. No inspection. Buyer & Seller sign on Certificate of Compliance.

Carpinteria (Santa Barbara County) - 805-684-5405 ext. 451


Inspector goes out to the property. Buyer must acknowledge report. Cannot be waived. Good for 6 months.

Carson - 310-952-1766


Report no longer applies as of 9/20/19.


Cathedral City - 760-770-8200


The realtor/seller will receive two forms (gold and pink) of the approved inspection. These forms are to be retained by the escrow office in the escrow file. If there is no escrow, these forms are given to the person who requested the inspection.

Chico (Butte County) - 530-879-6700

No Cost

Cost varies per each private inspector. Only mandatory on buildings prior to 1991. Buyer doesn’t need to acknowledge. Inspectors are certified by the city. Commercial buildings don’t require it.

Compton - 310-605-5509

$60 + $60/unit add.

Inspection required. Residential only. Call for application form. Buyer acknowledgement of residential Building Report needed.


Corte Madera (Marin County) - 415-927-5062


Inspector doesn’t go out to the property. Cannot waive. Buyer doesn’t need to acknowledge. Commercial buildings don’t require it. It is good for 6 months.

Cudahy - 323-773-5143

$255 up to 5 units

Inspection is required and can only be done in person (to apply, pay and schedule inspection appointment). Required for Residential, commercial and vacant land.

Culver City - 310-253-5800


No inspection required. Need Report on residential and commercial properties, not vacant land. Takes five business days. Buyer to acknowledge. Real estate agents=payment requirements.


Daly City (San Mateo County) - 650-991-8061


Fax report. The report is computer generated. Buyer has to acknowledge the report and inspection and cannot be waived. The report is good for 6 months.

Del Rey Oaks (Monterey County)​ - 831-394-8511


See website for Information. Physical inspection required. Property owner must acknowledge report. Report cannot be waived. Commercial buildings have a separate report.

Eastvale (Riverside County) - 951-361-0900

$46.00 annual fee

For businesses and rental properties. No physical inspection is required at this time. Annual term from April 1 – March 31. More details here

El Monte - 626-580-2050


Inspection required. Residential and commercial properties. Buyer acknowledgement required.

El Segundo - 310-524-2380


Gardena - 310-217-9530


Inspection required only of exterior. Report to be delivered 15 days prior to closing. Residential and commercial. Condos are exempt. Buyer can sign a Waiver. Buyer must acknowledge either the report or the Waiver.

Hawaiian Gardens - 562-420-2641 x208


Inspection required. Residential and commercial properties. New construction exempt. Delivery 21 days prior to closing. Buyer to acknowledge..

Hermosa Beach - 310-318-0235


Residential only. Two week processing.. Exterior inspection only. six month expiration.

Huntington Park - 323-584-6271

$105 for exterior inspection, $60 for interior inspection

Inspection required. Single-family 1-4 units and vacant land required. No commercial or over 4 units. Good for 6 months.

Inglewood - 310-412-5294

$163 (up to 4 units) + $11/unit (after 4 units)

No longer accepts escrow company checks and a credit card payment is only allowed if the application is being walked in.

Laguna Beach (Orange County) - 949-497-0714


No inspection. All properties, including commercial and vacant land. Go down to Building Dept and pick up application and pay. Realtor needs to have his City Business License to show. Takes 7 days.

Lawndale - 310.973.3230


Inspection required. For residential properties. Turnaround about 5-7 days and Buyer must acknowledge and sign resulting inspection report.

Livermore (Alameda County) - 925-960-4410


No physical inspection. Buyer must acknowledge it. Cannot waive. Good for 6 months. Commercial buildings don’t require it.

Lomita - 310-325-7110


For residences with certain exceptions. Does not apply to commercial property. On-site inspection is an additional $162.18. For more information, check out the City of Lomita Community Development page.

Long Beach - 562-570-6401

$105.00 for 1-2 units

Inspection concerns only non-street parking at a residence/building. Certain conditions allow for the use of a Garage Exemption Certificate. Rates for the program are here.

Los Angeles City - 213-485-2216

$70.85 in person, $72.26 online - per parcel

No inspection. Need for residential and vacant land. No commercial or first sale of new residential. Need application with original signatures by Seller (and Buyer, if Buyer is doing work.) Six month expiration. Report of Property Record 9A form which you can submit: here.

Los Angeles City – Dept. of Water and Power - 213-284-6130


A licensed plumber, contractor, retrofitter or agent may sign off as licensee.

Lynwood - 310-603-0220 Ext. 289


Inspection required-exterior only. Real estate agent must have business license for Lynwood to apply.

Manhattan Beach - 310-802-5505


No inspection. Residential only. The application under Forms Residential Building Report on website. Water Conservation Retrofit required.


Marina (Monterey County) - 831-884-1214


See website for Information. Physical inspection required. Buyer acknowledges report. Report cannot be waived. Good for 3 months. Commercial buildings do not need.

Maywood - 323-562-5727


Inspection required. Multi-copy Application form is mailed. Report cannot be waived and Buyer must acknowledge. No expiration until next sale. Applicant must have City Business License.

Monterey (Monterey County) - 831-646-3890

Report Faxed. Exterior inspection only. Buyer acknowledges report. Report cannot be waived. Good for 6 months. No requirement for condominiums, but apartments do require.

Newport Beach - 949-644-3200


Residential only. Inspection not required but owner to acknowledge and noted on records. 30 days to complete inspection after application. Corrections within 30 days or Buyer can assume responsibility. One year expiration.

Orange (Orange County)


Oxnard - 805-385-7840


Inspection not required. Residential and commercial. Buyer to acknowledge. Takes seven days. Six month expiration.

Palm Springs - 760-323-8186


Single family residences; condominiums; duplexes; and mobile homes.

Palos Verdes Estates - 310-378-0383


Inspection not needed. Takes five working days. Six month expiration. Homeowner to apply or third party applicant must have City Business License.

Pasadena - 626-744-4633


Self-Certification Program available that does no require inspection if the property qualifies. In the event the property does not qualify inspection required; cannot be waived. Single-family, duplex, condos. Seller can assign correction work to Buyer and both must acknowledge. Buyer to comply within six months. Certificate valid for one year. Must appear in person to re-apply.


Piedmont (Alameda County) - 510-420-3050


No physical inspection. Report cannot be waived. Buyer doesn’t need to acknowledge it. Commercial buildings require the same report.

Port Hueneme (Ventura County) - 805-986-6500


Has option of report only or report and inspection. Required for residential and commercial. Buyer can waive with signature on waiver and sent to Building and Safety. Can obtain a supplement to original report that was obtained 6 months prior. No application online. Call for application.

Rancho Palos Verdes - 310-265-7800

Only deals with smoke detector and water conservation.

Redondo Beach - 310-318-0636


Residential only. No inspection unless their records show violations exist. Buyer to acknowledge. Good for 6 months.

Rolling Hills Estates - 310-377-1577


Residential only. Buyer can choose record search only or on-site inspection. Buyer to complete application. Takes seven business days. Required to close escrow.


Ross (Marin County) - 415-453-1453 ext.106

$325 + $100 each add. unit

Physical inspection required. Business license is required for businesses, which costs $100. Buyer must acknowledge report. Cannot be waived. Also required for commercial buildings. Good for 12 months. Go to Building Dept. to get application

Salinas (Monterey County) - 831-758-7241

$69.30 per report

Report Faxed. No physical inspection required. Buyer acknowledges report. Report cannot be waived. Good for 90 days.

San Bernardino - 909-387-8311


San Diego (San Diego County) - 619-533-7485


Seller must ensure water-conserving plumbing fixtures are in place. Seller may transfer responsibility to the buyer via a Transfer of Responsibility to Retrofit Certificate. More information on their resource page.

San Fernando - 818-898-1227


Residential only. Inspection fee separate. Apply in person; qualified inspector list provided. Takes ten days. Report cannot be waived. All violations must be corrected within six months. Buyer not required to acknowledge. Two year expiration or when sold.

San Francisco - 415-558-3300 (Fire Dept)
Stationary Tank Permits

$330 + $344/year

Residential only. Check if property contains stationary tank, if there is a cap on sidewalk or a generator for above ground or portables. Buyer must apply. There is a one time cost of $330 and a yearly tax license of $344, paid through Tax Collector. Fire Dept. will inspect tanks yearly.

San Francisco - 415-558-6220

Residential Energy & Water Conservation

Residential only. Energy Conservation required only once in lifetime of home and will be noted on the 3R report. The water conservation is required each time of transfer. Go to website to find City approved inspectors. Inspector normally charges flat fee for all inspections and filing fees.

San Francisco - 415-558-6080
Report of Residential Building Record (3R)


Residential only. City does not inspect, but needs to get a licensed contractor to do so. Valid for one year. Buyer does not need to sign off. Each building needs its own application.

San Marino - 626-300-0700


Residential only. Inspection fee separate. Apply in person, they will provide list of individuals or firms allowed to do inspection. Report cannot be waived. Buyer not required to acknowledge report. All violations must be corrected within 6 months. Takes 10 business days. Good 2 years or when sold.

San Pablo (Contra Costa County) - 510-215-3030

$125 (condo), $175 (SFR), $25+ per/unit

Physical Inspection required. Report cannot be waived. Good for 6 months. Commercial buildings not required. Buyer does not need to acknowledge.

Santa Monica - 310-458-8355


Inspection not required. Computer record online application. Cannot be waived. Buyer to acknowledge. Six month expiration.

Sausalito (Marin County) - 415-289-4128


No physical inspection. Report cannot be waived. Buyer doesn’t need to acknowledge. Needs a sewer video it doesn’t have one within last 3 years. Go to Building Dept. to get application.


Seaside (Monterey County) - 831-899-6736


Report emailed. Exterior inspection only. Must have every time the property transfers. Cannot be waived.

Signal Hill - 562-989-7348


4-units & up residential only. Six month expiration. Buyer does not need to acknowledge. Apply in person; limited hours.

South Gate - 323-563-9500


Inspection required. Residential or residential in mixed-use units only. Code violations to be corrected within one year by Seller or Buyer. Buyer to acknowledge. One year expiration.

Thousand Oaks - 805-449-2500


Inspections required only if there are open permits, cost is then $308. No inspection cost is $82. Good for 6 months. Takes up to 10 working days to get.

Torrance - Building and Safety Dept. 310-618-5898

No property inspection or report required. However, does need a Smoke Detector Compliance done by Contractor.

Ventura (Ventura County) - 805-654-7587


No inspection only review permits on file. Buyer to acknowledge.

*This information is deemed to be reliable, but is not guaranteed. Updated March 2022. 

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